Friday, August 5, 2011


I haven't forgotten about my blog, honest, I think about it often, its just getting over to updating it and uploading photos that I seem to have an issue with :). I will try to do that this weekend. I did a super cool project, but have to wait until Sunday before I can post it because it was for my grandson Anthony and his birthday party is on Sunday. I also need to finish a few other projects up and will get those posted as well.

You know, I could probably post them here as I am sure he doesn't read my blog, so when I finish the other project that I am working on for him, I will go ahead and post it here as well as the one for his little brother and a couple of swaps that I have to get done this weekend.

Okay everyone, so just checking in and will hopefully do a real update this weekend!

Kristy M

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  1. Kristy, I totally understand about posting on a blog. I think I do about two posts a month! But, I just joined a couple design teams so I should have more posts in the near future. If I'm posting on their sites I figure I can always link them over to mine once they are posted!




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