Friday, April 8, 2011

Grandson's First Birthday

Okay I can admit it, my grandson is the center of my little world, ever since he started talking and said Grandma for the first time he can have anything he wants, think he knows that to. Can't wait to see the little bugger again. He will be 3 this year and I have a feeling we will be having a Buzz Lightyear theme, but won't know for sure for a few months.

Okay back on topic, just miss the little guy so much, for his 1st birthday Darling Daughter decided on Mickey Mouse as his favorite show at the time was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She used to send me these cute little videos of him dancing along with the show.... Okay so here is what I made:

This is a center piece bucket. I like to do my pics double sided so that you see something from both sides just because I like the way it looks. I also made a stick the lolly on Goofy game and a banner, but can't seem to locate the pictures for those at the moment. With my luck they are on the hard drive that crashed. Anyway, this was alot of fun and I have done several others since.

Here is a picture of another one I did, this one was for my boss (she still has it in her office too):

Okay think that's it for tonight going to go work on some cards now :-)


  1. Those are both really cute! You did a great job on the characters!

  2. This is super adorbale! Fantastic job! I think I may need to scraplift the underlying idea.

  3. This is adorable! Love it!!!!!!!

  4. Wow!! You did a wonderful job on this!!!

  5. OMG Kristy...this is just too adorable ! I bet it was a lot of work putting all those characters together but so worth it!

  6. Wow!!! And I love that you make this double-sided - great idea.

  7. I LOVE that they are double sided! But they are simply ADORABLE as well! TFS! :o)

  8. Oh my gosh what a super cute and fun project!Great job girl!!! :)




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