Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stuff for Grandson

These were a few things I made for my grandson, okay for my daughter before darling grandson was born in 2008. The letters I got at Hobby Lobby and the birth announcements I made with out the cricut because I was still slightly intimidated at that time by her :-).

Would also like to note that this was before I figured out how to make a light box as I never figured I would show my stuff to anyone :-)


  1. Wow! What a great idea! I have a new granddaughter to be born the end of April. This would be a nice thing to do for her once I'm told the name that is lol

  2. OMGOODNESS! This is wonderful.... Each letter came out wonderful! :o)

  3. How cute!!! Love that little monkey poking around the letters!!!!

  4. This is too cute.. I am going to be a great Aunt and was thinking about doing her name, this gives me some ideas..

  5. Thank you everyone, the animals on the letters are actually cut from fabric and adhered to chipboard so they would be sturdier. This was all BC (before Cricut) and it was alot of fun to do. My friends tend to pick on me as I am what they call a "fussy" cutter :).




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